Travel agencies for the Quebec surfers!

Cover Photo : @jesse__jayy

I am not the one that fancy all organized trip, because I like to get lost. Figure out and learn. The thing is, a lot of people never travelled or would love to, but aren’t as confident as other people. They need a structure, they need people to show them around and experience the best of a place, and it’s totally fine. For a couple of years, Quebec/Canada is becoming more and more curious about surfing. The sport that has been ignored during a long time because it wasn’t well known in Canada is now becoming part of a new culture. Now, you can surf in the river in different cities. You can take your car, pack your surfboards and leave for a destination where the waves are pumping. We start to learn the weather to understand exactly when we can go surfing and when we can’t. We have a desire of travelling so bad, and I don’t know if it’s just our generation or just because we are used to be kind of ‘’secluded’’ in Quebec, being the only French country in Canada, that we want to see different things. I believe the fact that living here is way cheaper than the West Coast is a big positive aspect for travelling. We want to live the dream and we want to live it now.

This is why these days, a lot of young people in Quebec found their career goal mixed between adventure and travel. They followed their dreams when they launched their own travel adventure, making surfing the major subject of it. And you know what? We crave for that! We want the dream, we want the sea and we want the Instagram videos that follows (social media generation right?).

As fall is coming and the cold breeze will come back with the need of wearing a coat and a hat, we are thinking about warm places a lot these days. We want to go explore and I heard so many people during the last weeks saying ‘’Ahhh, I want to travel, but I don’t know where. I can’t go alone, I never travelled. I am stressed’’.

Well, you know what? Shut up and just listen.


Forget your stress. Quit your job. Book a trip with one of these companies. Book your flight. Pack a small bag full of swimsuits and sunscreen. And just go. Don’t think, just go live the dream and write me a postcard telling me how dreamy that place is. If you wait forever for an adventure to come to you, you may never have one. One of the cool things about these agencies too is that, they speak French. Stop telling me you can’t travel because your English sucks. With them, you will be able to speak your language while enjoying a rad time.

Let’s check our possibilities!

1.    Barefoot Surf Travel

Created by two Montreal based guys, Barefoot Surf Travel has been existing for a moment already and it seems like the popularity of the company is just constantly growing. With them, you are sure to live the dream. Having the choice of three destinations as Bali, Ecuador and Nicaragua, pick a date on the calendar and book it. Once you arrived, they will entertain you so you will meet a lot of people and never be alone. Party on the beach, surfing with pro locals, exploring the best waves and going on different adventures as up in the mountains and all – you will have fun. These Canadian guys surf well and when you see them, you are like ‘’what? They are from the city and surf that good? I want to do that too!’’ and fast as you can think about, you will always be travelling with them. This is a big team and you will find more than a friend in this. You can go for 7 to 21 days and the price is pretty good for what it included. Everything is included, or almost, from $950 to $2500 approximately.


There are still some places available for January in Nicaragua and December in Ecuador!

2.    Salty Souls Experience

Girls, ever dreamed of a surf trip with your besties? That’s the moment to go and live it! Salty Souls Experience has just launched recently and seems rad. At the moment, there is only one destination which is El Salvador, but first of all, that place seems magical and second of all, they offer you more than just surfing. You will experience yoga, healthy food, adventures and connection with people. The Salty Souls girls are women that dreams of travelling and that don’t fit in a 9-5 job. Even though you try to fit in, just take a break and go relax near the sea with these independent women that quitted everything only to follow their passion. From $1600 to $1900, this is cheap for what it is. Everything is included except your flight ticket, your yoga mat and your health insurance. The rest is all taken care by them and you will even have professional pictures at the end of each day! Woo, Instagram!


There is dates for November and January 2016!

Sorry guys, not for you!

Credit: Elya Bagabieva

3.    Surf Expedition

Three choices of places for three different kinds of levels. Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The instructors will bring you to the best destination for your level and make you live the experience at the fullest. You can choose between two things: Travellers or Surfers. The travellers package is a little bit cheaper, but the surfer package is definitely the best, especially if you go for surfing! Starting at a low price of $900 US, you won’t be disappointed. The founder has been working on his company for a while and he knows all these places by heart. At the end, this is not only about your travel, but it’s about the culture of a place. They will show you more than just the waves, they will show you a different way of living. We all want this!


4.    Voyage Grand V

It seems over the year, this agency became bigger and bigger! Now, all we see on our Facebook feed and our Instagram one is people talking about that agency. But wait, what are we missing? The team is a badass team, all their pictures make you dream and make you want to be one of them. Being a teen these days, I would dream of adventuring the world like them instead of dreaming to become a Kardashian. Just saying. Anyway, they offer you a bunch of destination as Costa Rica, Maroc, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Indonesia and even Sri Lanka. Not the place you want to go? Call them and set up the destination of your dream with their help. Being alone to prepare a trip can be overwhelming, but these guys are there to help you and make you live something you never thought that you could. Also, it’s coming up soon with different adventures depending on the sports you want to do, Voyage Grand V is for really anyone. The travellers. The mountain climber. The lady tanning at the beach. The surfers craving for salty waters. The hikers. Anyone can go and anyone will fit in. Isn’t that the dream? Feels like it! The prices vary a lot depending of what they offer, as some offers the plane tickets as well. Just look through the destination that you want and you will see the package information.


The price is really affordable. One month of work full time and you can go!

Credit: @jesse__jayy

Well, after looking at all these options, I think I now fancy these kind of trips.

Can I go on one?