Inspiration at its finest - Beyond the Surf

Kayte’s living in a small town located in the UK, but she’s not happy. She’s struggling with money and a relationship she may not belong to anymore. But one morning, she wakes up with a surprising letter that would alternate her life forever: an invitation to go Kitesurfing in the Indian Ocean, on the Martinez Islands. All-fees included, plus you get the chance to win a money prize at the end if you beat your own personal record, which will all depend on the weather and your perseverance. It may seem a bit utopian, which I thought so too. ‘’Winning that kind of thing isn’t happening in real life, like come on’’, I told myself.

It may not, but we need to remember that life can be surprising and sometimes karma is good with us, especially when we are passionate and talented about something. So she goes, and the rest becomes history.

Through the first chapters, we quickly understand that all she wants is to get away from her hometown and forget all about it, but as Henry said, “Kayte comes from a very grey depressing small town that all of us know well. We want to get away from it, but as soon as a problem happens in your life, the only place you want to go is home, isn’t it?”


The book is pure inspiration and the poetic descriptions of the Kitesurfing world as well as the Martinez Islands are perfectly on point. It makes you dream, and that’s what we want: actually, that’s what we need. 

The thing that surprised me the most is the perseverance and patience of the author. Born and raised in the UK, Henry decided to quit his job, sell everything he owns and finally publish one of his books. “I think that in life, if you don’t take any chances, you won’t get any rewards. Things in life don’t come easily. Do we want things in life to be easy? I don’t think so! We want to achieve something”.


First time getting his book published, a mix of fear and adventure is freezing his blood. Who said being an artist was easy? It’s all about sacrifices, which may seem scary sometimes. Not being a kitesurfer himself, the sport fascinated him and he decided to write a whole book about it. Of course, no book can be written if there’s no muse hidden somewhere or inspiration in the corner. His inspiration, or muse as we could say, was Andreya Bennett, an ex-professional Kitesurfer that won two international titles in consecutive years. An inspiration for Henry, yes, but for us, she’s an inspiration for women. She won the World Record for doing the longest journey by kite from Watergate Bay to Dungarven, Ireland. 

Let’s be honest, women are more and more accepted in these kinds of sports and their prize become close to the ones the men get, but the act of starting something that big is scary. ‘’I would say to any women who are shy of sports to go for it - one of the hardest parts will be to put your trainers or that wetsuit on. Enjoy it, it doesn’t matter what level you reach, you will always find women that are supportive to new commoners’’, told Andreya. 

The whole idea? Don’t get stuck in a trap. Keep the inspiration and the creativity alive, look around and see the beauty in everything. Don’t be afraid of change, but especially, be aware of what other people achieve and don’t be jealous, be proud. Keep it in your mind to push you to achieve something. 

Thanks to Henry for this well-written books, it made me realize that when we think we are an outsider, not fitting in because our passion is driving us mad, we are actually normal. We should just follow the wave and deal with it, make it become something big. 

We already can’t wait for the next book to come out, just to keep the inspiration alive longer.