Week in Review

Let’s be honest, there are way too many things going on in the surfing world to keep up with it, especially when we are working 9 to 5 jobs and trying to spend as much time in the water as possible. So, yes, you’ve probably missed a lot of things this week. 

It's time to recap on everything you missed and crave back the salty water. Watch the last film of Surfing Magazine, some new talents & beautiful scenery. 

Grandma’s Garage

I randomly discovered this video on Vimeo and I was amazed by the beauty of this clip. Max Zappas is following the journey of Sean Mawson along the South East Coast of Australia and the South Island of New Zealand, offering us powerful shots along the way. Don’t know who’s Max Zappas yet? Watch more videos of him, you’ll absolutely love it. 

Morocco Dreaming

Beach Ratz recently released their first edit ever and it is a beautiful thing that’ll make you dream of uncrowded waves and the Moroccan sun. Featuring some of the best surfers around such Assad Harakat, Jerome Sahyoun, Ramzy Boukhiam and Abdel El Harrim, we only have one thing to say—Welcome to paradise. 

The Season for the Mentawais Is Coming

Have you ever wanted to go to the Mentawais? Of course you did! Watch this beautiful three minutes of the Mentawais from above. It may drive you crazy, but it’s alright. We feel the same way. 

Time to Say Our Last Goodbye to Surfing Magazine

It was during an event in Florida that Surfing Magazine ended their journey and presented their last film ever about the Geiselman. It’s obvious that we like them very much and even though this film has been made with a sort of melancholy, we still can enjoy the skills of Eric and Evan. 



Tay Steele—not to confuse with Taylor Steel—is a name you’ll have to remember for 2017. This short video about Amber Mozo, daughter of Jon Mozo, the North Shore photographer that passed away when she was 9 years old, showcase her story and her passion for the ocean. The shots are simply amazing and the story, even though emotive, is strong. Our favourite of the week, without a doubt. 

Our favourite from last week