Photographer of the week: Mike Drennan

I’ve never been to Australia. And honestly, I don’t know much about it except the thick accent Australian have (way cooler than ours), the perfect swells they get and, that’s about it. I know it’s the land of paradise for any surfers living on earth, and it’s also the land where you can easily party, which means, get tons of friends. Knew as friendly people, I wasn’t surprised when Mike Drennan, photographer and musician, quickly answered to my questions. ‘’I grew up in a little paradise called MacMasters Beach. The surf culture was strong, and we had a street full of surfers that enjoyed the ocean and hanging out,’’ said Mike during our last conversation about Australia.

Did you ever see someone else’s pictures and feel so jealous about it? Ok, we feel that way with plenty of photographers, but what I am talking to you about is different this time. I always dreamed of Australia, but without being able to put an image on this dream. It was just a name, a title. A country I didn’t know. Then, I discovered my dream through the art of Mike, and that was it, I needed to go there. And curious as I am, I needed to know who was behind these shots. 

Mike is from the Central Coast of Australia and isn’t only a typical guy that grew up close to the surf culture. His passion for photography has been alive since his teenage years when he first took his parent’s camera and started capturing moments. ‘’I take my camera just about wherever I go, and if something catches my eye, I’ll take my time to compose a photograph until it appeals to me. Sometimes, I get real excited and wander off for a while,’’ he replies when I asked about inspirations. I don’t know if I am the only one, but it seems I can’t barely shoot anything that makes sense when I got a camera in my hand. Maybe I am just awful at it, but no matter what, some people have more than one talent in store, and that’s the case of Mike. He’s also a musician. He sings, and he sings well! Being in a band while doing some solo stuff, he’s always busy and still in search for some more adventures, eventually out of Australia. Where to? ‘’If I had to say my top 3, it would probably be Iceland, New Zealand and pretty much all of Europe (that place is crazy beautiful)’’. He got quite a few stories about things that happened to him while trying to get the perfect picture, but as he said himself, ‘’they just shape my style and make everything exciting’’. Adventure is part of his comfort zone and isn’t something that scares him. At school at the moment, Mike can’t wait to be done to start travelling and living his youth how he want it to, through art, music, and surfing. Settling down? Maybe one day, but not yet! 

Oh. And because his voice is the one that filled our thoughts during the last few days and while writing this whole text, I decided to share it with you as well. So you know what to do: press plays and watch his pictures.