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Cover Photo: Jimmicane

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From skateboarding to surfing, short edits or news, it is here. 

We all know it and we’re all so stoked to finally be able to say out loud that John John is the World Title Winner of 2016! Finally. The word humble is constantly mentioned with his name and it is totally true - he is the most humble kid around and he fully deserves this victory. Achieving a lifelong dream like this one must feel great and we’re looking forwards to see what’s next for him. As he said, it isn’t always all about the contests, but having a great balance, having fun. You’re right, Florence. 

I recently heard that some people rather watch men’s surf than women. Some women told me that and I can’t lie: it’s okay. We pick our own battle and I am not a feminist, you do and enjoy whatever you want to. But, I don’t agree. Women have a different style and approach to surfing than men, but I totally enjoy seeing girls like Alana Blanchard shred waves instead of shooting for a magazine half naked. I enjoy seeing their journey, seeing their raw beauty, burned by the sunshine and chasing empty lineups. I cherish these moments of femininity and grace in the water. That’s the case for the new episode of #thesearch. Watch Alana, Nikki and Tyler chase uncrowded waves in Indonesia. 

I don’t exactly know how you feel when you watch surf videos, especially when they are this type of video: a ravaging beauty. But, I certainly know how I feel, amazed. A combination of joy and extreme beauty seize my soul and leave me speechless. That’s what happened to me while watching what’s going on in The Canary Islands when the winds switch in perfect position. Naxto Gonzales don’t mind the cold and secluded location of the Canary Islands and jump in with the locals for some amazing waves. 

After the victorious win of John John Florence and the universal joy of people across the globe, Kelly Slater decided to take Instagram to let us know some of his feelings and announcing his upcoming retirement. Chasing the world title for another year is his main goal, as he said: “next year I'm gonna get my shit (and my body) together for real and see if I can make a last run at a title”. After 11 world titles and being in the tours since the 90’s, we can totally agree that retiring and enjoying a moment of solitude in the ocean won’t be hard to do. 

Probably being one of my favourite video of the week, indeed, there’s no way you can’t like this refreshing edit from this 18-years-old Australian, Riley Laing. Travelling is part of his life now (yes, we can definitely envy him) and he asked Shane to help him put together some footages of this year. He is young, raw, and man, Laing knows how to surf with precision and will take the world by storm. 

When you get into surfing, you sometimes get lost in it. It’s like a trap that force you to close your eyes to the outside world - all that matters to you now are the next wave, the next trip you got to jump in. Then, there’s world crisis, like the Civil War that happened in Liberia and Ebola, that took away a lot of loved one to the citizens. It is extremely sad and something we forget way too often. When I first discovered the motivation behind The Liberia Project, a great joy fulfilled my body and I had to share it with you. It is beautiful and motivating to see people from such a poor place to use their creative skills to recreate art from famous artist to bring a touch of happiness into their daily life. West Africa is still healing and it may never recover, but we believe in a better future. Watch this now and head into their website to learn more about this project. 

Slow-motion can sometimes be annoying in a fast-paced world, but in this case, Cloudbreak looks amazing with Ryan Burch surfing his asymmetrical boards. I love slow-mo as they allow us to look carefully to what surfers does in the water, like this video is perfect to do so. 

The loss of Dylan Rieder is still heavy on everyone’s shoulder, creating a huge gap in the skateboarding world, but also surfing. It is all related at the end, and no matter if we knew Dylan from far away or personally, he will be missed. A lot. Here’s a beautiful compilation of Dylan’s skills, reminding us his unique style and his amazing presence in the world.