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From skateboarding to surfing, short edits or news, it is here. 

We all know Clay and as Kelly Slater once said, he’s probably one of the best surfer in the world. Impressive in his everyday life, Clay lives with Asperger’s syndrome, but still fulfil his dreams of surfing and inspiring people. As you may have heard (or not), the latest news knocked us all out - Clay Marzo bankrupted. Wait, what? Felicidad Rivera, his bookkeeper that was considered like family by the Marzo’s left the family with bittersweet feelings when they realized she has stolen more than $400,000 to Clay. She has been charged with 13 counts of wire fraud against him, and left him without any money, but just debt.
We are all in shock knowing that someone like her, which Clay trusted with his whole heart, took advantage of him.
All we can do now is wait and pray for the best for her - jail. 

Luke Hynd is an Australian surfer worth to watch - through this new edit, the Aussie easily captured our attention and reminds us that he’s worth our time. This goofy-footer has incredible style in and out the water, flying through the airs with grace and riding lines with sharpness. Darcy Ward felt it since the start and ended up offering us this beautiful edit.

The trailer for the Andy Irons’s new film is moving and able to touch us through his life and the impact he had on people. Such a legend in the surfing world, Andy sadly died at 32 years old of a heart attack from a secondary cause involving drugs. The unexpected death of Irons got many surfers shaken as well as is family and his brother, Bruce. Todd Jones produced this film with tact and incredible respect to his soul. We are looking forward to see the whole thing! 

Great news for women’s big-waves-chargers, the Titants of Mavericks will hold a women’s heat (finally) in this winter event, pushing women’s surfing on the same level as men. Talented surfers such Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms and Bianca Valenti were joyful to hear that news and excited for the challenge of this winter! 

Also, the opening ceremonies were happening last Friday and surfers from around the globe will impatiently wait from November 1st to March 31st for the light to go green to jump into the freezing Northern California water to surf Mavericks!

There’s not much to say about this one-minute of perfection from Austin Gillette skateboarding on a highway, except thanks to Riley Blakeway. 

Nic Von Rupp & Tom Lowe around Portugal are the reason why your next trip should be in beautiful Europe.