Week In Review

Let’s be honest, there are way too many things going on in the surfing world to keep up with it, especially when we are working 9 to 5 jobs and trying to spend as much time in the water as possible. So, yes, you’ve probably missed a lot of things this week. 

From the sad news of saying goodbye to Surfing Magazine to building DIY skateparks in Detroit and getting pumped for our next surf session with videos from Zeke Lau to John John, everything is here. 
Finish the week in the right way—crack yourself a beer (kidding, we’re all for wine), close your phone and relax while watching it all. 

*Note: Hide your credit card, otherwise you may book a flight ticket unconsciously. 

Discovering Ireland With the 3 X World Champion

If you weren’t aware that Mick Fanning went to Ireland with Rip Curl to chase big swells and empty lineups, you were probably hiding in a forest somewhere. We all like Mick Fanning, especially his surfing, and now we had the chance to see a part of him we don’t often see—living in the moment. Mick’s always chasing a dream and always thinking of the next day, but in Ireland, that wasn’t the case. We’re totally obsessed with this video and the frigid temperature of Ireland is slowly captivating us. 

When Ian Walsh brings John John to a remote spot…

And all we can feel is envy. It’s finally the time to discover the new film of Ian Walsh, Distance Between Dreams. Get the taste of the film with this part of John John and Ian in a remote island that offers barrels for days and watch the full film now, right here. Is it the perfect way to end the week with? Don’t ask me, you know it already. 

Shaping the Community One Spots at the Time

What do you do if every factory around you are brutally closing, people losing their jobs and spaces become unoccupied? You could get discouraged and move out of the city, yes. Or you could try to seek inspiration and motivation in the hidden places, such building your own DIY skate spots. As the city has no money to do so, people in Detroit decided to do it themselves and it is such a beauty to see what people have to go through to live their sport. It’s commitment and hard work, but that’s where happiness and hope are hiding. 

The Paradise Land Through the Eyes of Alex Smith

Don’t tell me you’re not dreaming of Indonesia because I know we all are. In this episode 2, Alex Smith brings us in Indonesia to discover the beauty of the place in itself and his amazing skills in surfing. Feels good to have new videos coming from him and all we can say is: we want more. 

Welcome to a New Conservative Era of Surfing

It is with sadness we’ve heard the new that Surfing Magazine were closing after 53 years of being up and running. Of course, they did it beautifully with a film about the Geiselman brothers, but it still doesn’t mean that we’re okay. Surfing Magazine and Surfer Magazine were two different things. Surfing was more fearless. Alternative. Showcasing some new talents and being true to themselves, and the worst thing in it all, it’s that even their website won’t be running anymore. A new era is coming. Should we be scared? 


When Zeke Lau Get You Pumped for the Year

I’ll be totally honest and say that I wasn’t too aware what Zeke Lau was up to recently, but watching Goin’ to Da League got me so pumped. The music. The vibes. His surfing. His short stories. Way more than a simple sport, surfing brings the Hawaiian back to their roots and it showcases in their surfing. Instead of writing something about it, I will let you watch it and I will do the same (again). 


Sable Noir

It is not surprising that “Sable Noir” is one of our favourite from last week—Sebastien Zanella’s short films always are. This black and white short edit brings up a mix of intense emotion that reminds us the up and down of Jack Freestone as a surfer. This collaboration with Billabong and Desillusion Magazine is simply beautiful—not your typical surf edit, I agree, but the kind of edit we could watch over and over again.