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From skateboarding to surfing, short edits or news, it is here. 

Tristan Thompson in Black Coffee. 

There’s a lot of surf edits coming out every week and a lot of things to watch, but sometimes, there is a specific video that can stand out and resonate with us, like Black Coffee. We didn’t know who was Tristan Thompson, and we’re still not quite sure. If we've been checking properly, he did some contests back in 2015, but not 2016. Does it mean he is back now? Well, we’re hoping so because we enjoyed his latest video filmed in the Indonesian Archipelago. 

Welcome to the Adelio Team Chippa! 
We always loved Chippa Wilson and we were even more excited to hear that he signed with the New South Whales brands Adelio Wetsuits. In this short welcome video, they are braving the cold water of Norway to put to test the wetsuit and it is simply amazing. 

Noa Deane can (finally)  call the stone his. 

We had heard some news about a future contract with Volcom back in December, but it is on January 13th that the deal became official - Noa Deane just signed a 5-year contract with Volcom! It was only a matter of time until it was happening, especially having the same radical style as Bruce Irons and Ozzie Wright, with his own vibe that we all dig. The 22-years-old is now one of the highest paid surfer in the world. Not too bad, eh? All we can say is that with or without money, Noa deserves this contract and we’re excited to see what’s coming up for him! 

Kalani Chapman almost drowned at Pipeline.
We thought of adding the video with this news, but is it really fun to see someone almost drown? Don’t think so. All this to say, we’re happy Kalani Chapman is now alright and recovering from that accident, and thankful that the surf community is such a tight community that care for each other. During the final heat of the Da Hui Backdoor Shoutout, Kalani fell in the tube and never surfaced again. Luckily, Nathan Florence, Seth Moniz and the water patrol ran instantly to him to find him unconscious. Pipeline is dangerous, even for the most talented, so be careful if you go. 

When we give up the water for the metropolis. 

We aren’t talking often about skateboarding and we’re not quite sure if you guys would be interested, but all we know is that we love to watch skateboard videos once in a while, especially when they are filmed in New York with some of the best people around. We can feel the energy of the city & the talent showcased in this short edit. Take the time & get inspired to take your board out of the closet! 


Not your typical surf video, but that’s why we enjoyed it. Filmed by Adrian Rodd, featuring Andy Criere. 

“Art is blue. That passion flowing among the waves. Equilibrium. Harmony. A break from the routine. You, on your own. Nature’s fury maintains its infinite beauty. A feeling that is manifested in aesthetic and attractive forms. A continuous pursuit for beauty. Contemplation, the pleasure of a spirit that penetrates in Nature. A way to transmit emotion; a language. A way of life. Everything goes, changes and remains. Art is timeless.”

When two of the most stylish meets in the North Shore

Can’t say anything else -  Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson are two of the most stylish surfers around and watching them surf is a pure joy to the eyes. Watch them surf on the North Shore with their modern/vintage craft. 

If you could only watch one video...

It is not surprising that 'Sable Noir' is one of our favorite video this week - Sebastien Zanella’s short films always are. This black and white short edit brings up a mix of intense emotion that reminds us the up and down of Jack Freestone as a surfer. This collaboration with Billabong and Desillusion Magazine is simply beautiful - not your typical surf edit, I agree, but the kind of edit we could watch over and over again. 

We lied, there's actually another thing you need to watch.

Under an arctic sky. 

Something amazing coming from Chris Burkard, again. Should we be surprised? I don’t think so. Watch the trailer now and get excited for what’s coming up this Winter. 

Our favourite from last week

Post Tropical Depression
This video is a pure gem to start the week with - it will instantly fill you up with joy. Why? Because we love Dylan Graves and Dillon Perillo. They are the funniest around and watching them surf is simply amazing - you can't take your eyes off. Join them on their last trip to the Caribbean during Hurricane Matthew and enjoy their funny comments.