Ambassador Guide 

This is where you'll find the answers to our most frequently asked questions as an ambassador for Nouvelle Vague. 

Who are they? 

People who like what we do and want to get more involved. Our ambassador program is a way for our readers to connect with us at Nouvelle Vague, while helping with different initiatives and product testing. They represent the magazine in their cities & communities and help us grow through word of mouth. They brainstorm with our team on new ideas, give feedback, and get some sneak peeks along the way. Oh, and they get swag with us! 

Sharing FAQS

What can I do? 

Spread the word about Nouvelle Vague in your community, campus, network, family, those random Facebook friends... Use your unique URL to track signups (Find your unique URL here). You need to collect 4 emails to become an ambassador, 25 to get a t-shirt, and 50 to receive a crew neck. Everyone wins.

Wear our swag on all your surf trips and future adventures. 

Give feedback and brainstorm with Nouvelle Vague. 

Attend and help organize events to connect with other local ambassadors. 

Get some birthday love. 


What can't I do as an ambassador? 

Use fake emails. 

Sign up people that don’t know or haven’t agreed to receive emails from Nouvelle Vague.

Purchase email addresses and sign them up for Nouvelle Vague.

Nouvelle Vague FAQS

How should I describe Nouvelle Vague? 

Our email newsletter is for people interested in surfing, travelling & anything that involves creativity. We touch topics from surf to travel stories, from culture to interviews with artists and other like-minded community members.


How is Nouvelle Vague different? 

Since 2015, Nouvelle Vague has been one of Canada’s premier online surf magazines, showcasing the artistic side of surfing while creating a community along the way—a community that has spread around the world. With our international team and our devoted readers, we’ve created a space where both creativity and passion are shared daily.

We’re not your typical surf news magazine and we’ve never intended to be. In a world where popularity is the main objective of companies, we’re pleased to bring back the true essence of surfing—passion.

Getting Started

How do I start? 

Enter your email address here to get your unique URL. Share that URL and once you invite 4 friends to subscribe to Nouvelle Vague, you will receive an email inviting you into our community.

Don't hesitate to contact us ( with any further questions.
We'd love to hear from you.