Nouvelle Vague was founded in July 2015 with the intention of sharing the passion of surfing with like-minded people. 


 Since the beginning, it's been in our values to be close to our readers and help them keep the creativity alive. It was important for us to create a platform that was more than just a magazine—we wanted people to feel at home, with stories they could relate to. We wanted to prove that no matter who you are and where you're from, surfing can become a part of your life. Surfing, for us, is way more than just a sport, and way more than just “surfing” in itself.

It's the art of riding a wave, yes, but it's also about finding the beauty in the little things nature can offer. It's about chasing something we may never get, but doing it anyway. It's about perseverance and persistence. It's about waking up at dawn when you haven’t slept and it's about watching the sunrise with waves on the horizon. It's putting your wetsuit on when it’s -20 out and hoping you’ll be brave enough to go in the water. It's the feeling of being exhausted after a long day at sea. It's being disconnected from the world for a while, having a personal moment with mother Earth.

It doesn’t matter if you surf or not.
It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not.

The only thing that matters is the fire burning in your chest—the passion.

Welcome à la Nouvelle Vague.



Be creative. Be adventurous. Be wild. But most importantly, be passionate.


Photo: Hugo Filipe Silva


Team Members

Roxanne Rivard Thériault

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Aaron Chapman

Editor / Writer

Chelsea Jeheber

Photo Editor / Photographer

Alexandra cÔTÉ-DURRER

Social Media / Photographer

Kalen Sutherland

Photographer / Writer

Austin mullen


Hugo Filipe Silva


Bryanna Bradley


Daria vuistiner

Graphic Designer

George kirkinis




Lydia ricard



Ale Romo


Clara Jonas

Alexandre Peneau


Gaël Hnnl

Brenton de Rooy


Trenton Tarpits
Writer / Photographer

The Outside Crowd

Ever dreamed of being a Canadian? Well, now's your chance!

We’re open to submissions, so don’t be shy. Contact us if you think you have what it takes. You write? You film? You take photos? You create art? If you think your work could suit our style and you are passionate as much as us about the boardriding culture and travelling, you may be who we're looking for.

*Please note that we try to answer within 24 hours, but things get hectic often so don’t take it personally if it takes a bit longer. We won’t forget you.

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